I’ve been a fan of Riddick ever since he first hit the screens in 2000’s cult hit Pitch Black.

Of all the Riddick film’s this still remains my favourite however I have enjoyed following Riddick on his journey through 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick right the way through to 2013’s Riddick.

For me the Chronicles of Riddick, while enjoyable, was a bit of a step in the wrong direction for the franchise. It felt like more of a sci-fi fantasy film than a gritty action sci-fi film that was a formula used so effectively in Pitch Black.

2013’s Riddick was a return to the roots of the franchise and for me was a thoroughly enjoyable film that almost lived up to Pitch Black. Check out my review of Riddick here.

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I’ve just set up a forum where fans of Riddick can meet to discuss their favourite aspects and where you hope the franchise goes in the future.

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